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2018 DG Anchor Bowl Results


Top row: Jay Welch, Aunders Erikson, Jordy Auriemma, Joe Brush, Duncan Copeland, Louis Yank, Eli Rajotte, Nick Braydich, Mike Heeshan, Will Sharer, Jack Shadoan

Bottom row: Sam Miller, Ben Whitbourn, Jack Dugan, AJ Outcalt, Billy Luckett, Matt Brault, Lucas Farmer

The Brothers of Phi Gamma Delta competed in Delta Gamma’s annual Anchor Bowl event under the Friday night lights of Selby Stadium (Oct 5th). The FIJI brothers came out battling strong against Sig Ep in the first round and secured a HUGE W to push them to the semi finals. Highlights include gun-slinging throws from QB’s Jack “Energy” Dugan, Jay “Slept-on” Welch and AJ “Baker Mayfield” Outcalt. In fact one of the top plays of the game came from Outcalt’s 15-yard laser beam on a 3rd and long - deflecting off a defenders hands - and into Nick “Has to be” Braydich’s hands for a TD!! This miracle play put the boys up one score as they were able to secure the bread/bag/lead and move on to the next round!

The brothers of Phi Gamma Delta went on to lose a nail-bitter in the semi finals to the Men’s Lacrosse team by one touchdown. Nonetheless, lots of action-backed plays, competitive flairs, memories, and fun!

Proud to be!

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