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Brotherhood Ping-pong Tournament!

Brotherhood chariman, Jack “Energy” Dugan and Gold Paddle winner, Ryan “Chillsman” Huelsman

Brotherhood chariman, Jack “Energy” Dugan and Gold Paddle winner, Ryan “Chillsman” Huelsman

Last Friday was a great Friday, but an even better night for ping-pong. The brothers of the Theta Deuteron chapter have been gearing up for this gauntlet for weeks, and thankfully Brother Aunders had bossed up on 4 new paddles with a flat cushion for ultimate spinage… but the wait was over and it was finally there time to display their talents. The tournament started with a nail-bitting thriller ending with Brother Wads defeating Brother McTague. Brothers on the golf team had a strong showing, while nearly 4 made it to the elite 8. After many grueling and hard fought matches, there were two contestants left: Brother Aunders “Diesel” Erikson and Brother Ryan “Chillsman” Huelsman. At a score of 16 to 12, Diesel was in a great position to lock in the golden paddle. BUT, Chillsman gained momentum as the brothers cheered him on. He fought back and tied the game up 20-20!! As he loses the next point (20-21) he is one point away from taking the L. Like any big player in big time situations, Chillsman converts- BRUSHING the edge of the back table, skirting off the table in an unhitable fashion… the brothers as ECSTATIC!! Chillsman ties it up, and takes momentum. He later takes the next two points and secures the golden paddle. The BOIS “dog-pile” him into the nearest couch and cheer with joy. The upset and W of a lifetime…

Big shoutout to Brotherhood chair, Jack “Energy” Dugan for setting up a great event.