Mid-Semester Newsletter (September 20th, 2020)

Theta Deuteron Chapter of the Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta

Fall-Semester Newsletter

September 20th, 2020

A picture of 35 Williams Drive (Theta Deuteron Chapter House) taken at 9:00 am on August 20th, 2020. The first day of school for Fall 2020.

(Photo by Jack Foley)

Greetings from the Brothers!

This newsletter covers and features the following:

  • Current State of Theta Deuteron

  • Recruitment Plans

  • Coulter Cup Winner

  • Archon Announcement

  • Jobs, Internships, and Events

  • Philanthropy

  • Editor's Note

Current State of Theta Deuteron

The Undergraduate Brothers at Theta Deuteron are continuously adapting to the ever-changing COVID-19 situation. We have paused/canceled social events to do our part in stopping the spread of the virus. All Phi Gamma Delta events involving large gatherings will be hosted online (Click here to view the calendar). 

Currently, the chapter has 28 Undergraduate Brothers. We had a small Fall Pledge class of 1 and are estimating a semi-normal sized Spring Pledge class. There are currently 23 Brothers living in the chapter house.

The smart wall construction was resumed on 8/24. We are currently waiting for the glass company. Final pictures will be posted on our website, and an announcement will go out on our social media accounts.

Spring 2021 Recruitment Plan

Fall 2020 Recruitment:

This fall, we have one addition to our Brotherhood! A small fall pledge class was expected due to the conditions currently challenging us. However, like in past years, a small fall pledge class isn't out of the ordinary.

Recruitment for Spring 2021:

Our last spring pledge class was a solid nine new Brothers! We are actively working around the clock to bring in a well needed, large, spring pledge class!  Some things we are doing include:

  • Hosting Delaware Park BBQs. Social distancing included!

  • Tabling to gain attention; for example, giving free donuts and coffee from 7:30 am to 10 am.

  • Participating in intramural sports (if COVID allows us to)

  • Participating in school held events, such as tailgates, tabling, etc.

  • Philanthropy events

Coulter Cup Winner

(Shown in picture Jack McKinnie, Ohio Wesleyan, 1954)

Our Theta Deuteron Brother, Jack McKinnie (1954), was awarded the 2019 Coulter Cup. The Coulter Cup is awarded to the graduate brother that has contributed the most to an undergraduate chapter through service in a capacity other than as a Purple Legionnaire or General Officer. The Theta Deuteron Undergraduates and Graduate Brothers pitched in to write and approve the recommendation letter.

We all knew you deserved it! We are all honored and proud to be your Brother, Jack!

Archon Announcement

(Shown in picture Jack Foley, Ohio Wesleyan, 2022)

The picture was taken by Brother Jordan Auriemma (Ohio Wesleyan, 2020)

Our Theta Deuteron Brother, Jack Foley (2022), was elected Archon Councilor (Undergraduate Archon) by the 172nd Ekklesia in 2020. Jack currently is Corresponding Secretary of the Theta Deuteron Chapter at Ohio Wesleyan University and a two-term IFC officer. He has been involved in several on-campus organizations, including the Economics Management Fellows Scholar, Corns, and Latham Entrepreneurial Scholar programs. Jack is a double major studying Business Administration: Management and Communication: Inter Corporate Strategy.

"Thank you to John Burns, Doug Dittrick, Jack McKinnie, Jim Link, and all the Brothers that helped and guided me through this process. P!" - Jack A. Foley

Jobs, Internships, and More!

Jack Funderburg (Class 2021)

On August 16th Jack wrapped up his 10-week internship at Quantum Health. Despite the uncertainties of this summer, he is very grateful to have had this incredible experience to help grow his knowledge and skills in finance.