Theta Deuteron chapter at Ohio Wesleyan University

Dear Parent's

Congratulations on your son's choice to join the Theta Deuteron Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta. We are proud to have your son as a part of our esteemed organization. Membership into the Fraternity will have an impact on every facet of his life. The fraternal relationships that he will develop as an undergraduate will stay with him for the rest of his life.

Pledging the Fraternity is the first step into this special world. His development as a pledge and as an initiated brother is the most important work of our Fraternity and Pledge Education is the foundation of this development. Throughout the next several weeks, he will learn about the Fraternity: its history and its organization. He will begin to develop those friendships that will last a lifetime. We will show you that, as brothers, we will provide your son with our aid and support, and that we will rely on him to provide the same. We will work beside him, guide him, educate him, and enhance his own excellent qualities, but above all, help him become a full and deserving brother in Phi Gamma Delta.

The objectives of our pledge program are directly in line with the mission of the Fraternity. The program will:

  • Emphasize academic excellence, foster sound academic performance and encourage your son to achieve the highest scholarship of which he is capable.

  • Develop an understanding of Phi Gamma Delta’s values and the correlation of your son's personal values with those of the Fraternity.

  • Demonstrate friendship and provide a conduit to build strong, lasting friendships.

  • Provide a positive (hazing-free) fraternity experience that provides an appreciation for the ideals of Phi Gamma Delta.

  • Demonstrate that Phi Gamma Delta is “Not for College Days Alone” and begin building a lifelong commitment to the Fraternity.

  • Make your son aware of the benefits and responsibilities of membership.

  • Develop organizational and leadership skills through responsibility and accountability.

  • Provide fundamental knowledge of the history and organization of the chapter, Fraternity and local institution.

The members of this chapter are proud to have your son as a pledge and will provide him with the opportunity to exemplify the ideals and values of the Fraternity.

Again, congratulations on your son making this important first step toward an enriched college experience.



The Brothers of Phi Gamma Delta