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A list of committees and their duties.



Tasked with creating awards and giving them to brothers who go beyond their required duties.


Jonathan Munroe, Eddy Sherman, Avery Finding, Bobby Frankfort

Focuses on strengthening the connection and comradery between brothers in the house.

Community Service

Kyle Lucas, Danny Sanders

Sets up opportunities for brothers to volunteer at places like: Common Grounds, soup kitchens, and other places. Each brother is required to get 8 hours of service a semester.


Wyatt McQueen

Tasked with reducing the environmental impact of our house. 

Finance Chair

Ethan Berkovitz, Grant Brooks

Helps the Treasurer with collecting fines and managing the books of the house.


Zach Jasper

In charge of raising funds for the house through different events. Such as hosting a Car Wash.

Graduate Relations

Justin Petty, Federico Mata

Stays in constant contact with Graduate Brothers. They also create and design the house newsletter each semester.

House Management

Grant Brooks

Typically the house RA, this brother is in charge of filing reports to building & grounds and making sure the house is in great condition.


Charlie Riddle

Attends each Inter Fraternity Council weekly meeting. They represent our chapter's needs, concerns, and report the meeting notes back to the chapter.


Brad Wolford

In charge of coordinating teams of brothers for Intramural Sports.


Ethan Berkovitz, Jonathan Munroe, Danny Sanders

Tasked with planning and executing our chapter's philanthropy events. In addition, they also coordinate teams for other greek life events.

Pledge Education

John Catanzarite, Chase Dusek

Educate pledges of this chapter about our history, values, and lay the foundation for the pledges to grow upon.


Bobby Frankfort, JJ Maxwell, Brian Moskus, Josh Cabacungan

Tasked with recruiting new members into the chapter and hosting recruitment events.

Risk Management

Vincent Larente, Charlie Riddle, Jeremy Reger

Always ensuring that all brothers are safe, in addition to mitigating or removing risks that could harm the house or the brothers.


Elliot Spicer, Brad Wolford

In charge of making sure all brothers meet the minimum GPA. If the brother doesn't, than this committee helps them get back on track.

Social Chair

Brian Moskus, Eddy Sherman, JJ Maxwell, Jonathan Munroe

Plans and executes all social events including formals, date nights, etc..


Avery Finding, Elijah Adams, Brody Kannally 

Designs, purchases, and sells our T-shirts that are created multiple times a semester.

Wellness Chair

Antonio Mendez, Federico Mata, Muhammed Moosani

Ensures that each and every brother in the chapter is healthy, unstressed, and is enjoying their time. If not, this committee holds confidentiality and helps that/those brother(s).

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