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Fall 2020 Philanthropy

On September 12th through September 13th, Brothers live-streamed playing video games for 24 hours straight to raise money for the USO.

We had an incredible turnout from friends, family, graduate brothers, and undergraduate brothers from across the country. We raised a total of $409 for the USO! Thank you all for donating and watching!

Brothers who participated:

  • Jack Foley (2022)

  • Peyton Larkin (2021)

  • Ben Sobotka (2021)

  • Avery Finding (2023)

  • Elijah Adams (2023)

  • Bradley Wolford (2022)

  • Jose Matute (2021)

  • Many more that joined in playing

Donors (In no particular order):

  • Louis Yank

  • Ryan Huelsman

  • Bradley Wolford

  • OWU Kappa Kappa Gamma

  • OWU Alpha Sigma Phi

  • Richard Church

  • Avery Finding

  • Patrice Huelsman

  • Kevin Huelsman

  • Justin Dendinger

  • Jacob Dendinger

  • Evan Finding

  • Caleb Soska

  • Peter Grandon

  • Fiona Roddy

  • Alex Lothstein

(Unfortunately, there was a glitch in the link sent out to most graduate brothers. It wasn't on our side; it was, unfortunately, on the USO's side. BUT! We prevailed! So thank you to all the Graduates that attempted to donate.)

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