Mid-Semester Newsletter (October 31th, 2019)

Theta Deuteron Chapter of the Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta Mid-Semester Newsletter

October 31th, 2019

Back Row (left to right): Ben Loeper ’20, Jared Hileman ’20, Phoenix Huron ’21, Jack Foley ’22, Joseph Brush ’20, Peyton Larkin ’21, Ryan Hulesman ’21, and Grant Brooks ’22; Middle Row (left to right): Adam Yingling ’20, Jose Matute ’21, Bradley Wolford ’22, Joseph Patterson ’22, Jay Welch ’21, Jack Funderburg ’21, and Chase Dusek ’22; Front Row (left to right): Ben Sobotka ’21, Brody Kannally ’22, Jarrod Ferstl ’20, Eli Rajotte ’20, Jordan Auriemma ’20, and Justin Petty ’22. 

*Only 20 out of 38 brothers are shown* (Photo by Paul Vernon)

Greetings from the Brothers!

This newsletter covers and features the following:

Meet the Fall 2019 Pledge (Recruitment),Jordan Bowl (Celebration Event), Research, Internships, Events, Athletics, Intramurals, and Editor's Note.

Meet the Fall 2019 Pledge!

Name: Max Salerno Age: 21 Major: Business with a focus in Marketing Class: 2021 Hometown: Medina, Ohio

Max's passions are cars, hunting, and his studies. He is the prime example of a gentleman. We are glad to call him a "Fiji to be". 

Recruitment for Spring 2020:

Our low recruitment numbers and the graduation of 20 brothers this year is an understood problem! We are actively working around the clock to bring in a well needed, large, spring pledge class! 

Some things we are doing include:

- Throwing backyard BBQs; which are possible with the new outdoor furniture, grill, and basketball hoop.

- Tabling to gain attention; for example giving free donuts and coffee from 7:30am to 10am.

- Participating in intramural sports.

- Participating in school held events; such as tailgates, tabling, etc.

- Philanthropy events.

- Currently a Fiji hosted, campus wide gaming event, sponsored by Microsoft, is being planned.

Jordan Bowl

The Theta Deuteron Chapter was awarded the Jordan Bowl for 2018, the second international award since our rechartering. This is awarded to the undergraduate chapter which is judged to have achieved the highest comparative scholarship among the undergraduate chapters for the preceding academic year. Our chapter requires .25 more than the minimum required in the school's bylaws. We have a house average GPA of 3.52.

In response to the Jordan Bowl, the Chapter hosted a Greek Academic Excellence Celebration on Friday, October 25 at 4:30 pm on the third floor of Merrick Hall. This event recognized our two awards as well as the Greek community's academic achievements. 

Research, Internships, and More!

Jack Funderburg (Class 2021)

During this past summer I was an Assurance Specialist Intern at BDO. I audited employee benefit plans for their clients.

Peyton Larkin (Class 2021)

This summer I volunteered at my hometown's fire department. I rode on an ambulance and recieved my nationwide Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification.

(Shown to the left)

Jarrod Ferstl (Class 2020)

I worked as a Market Research and Business Consultant who helped start-up companies in the Dayton, Ohio area with industry analysis. I also worked 100 hours at a hot food service called House of Bread. I helped stock perishables in the back as well as serve food and clean dishes in the front.

Jack Foley (Class 2022)

This summer I started a new social media platform called Fora Social. All summer long I sought to raise investment money. Unfortunately because I'm a college student I didn't get anything! Like all Fiji's, I don't just give up! I gave some equity to developer(s) and the platform is on it's way! Release is expected May 2020.

Also, I have an office in the new

Delaware Entrepreneurial Center.